1040A US Individual Income Tax Return

If you are filing the 1040A tax return you are required to include more detail than the 1040EZ. This form is to your advantage in that it will aid you a thorough refund or help you to carefully calculate what you owe.

Eligibility for filing 1040A Form

  • Your deductions are not itemized
  • Your taxable income is less than 100,000
  • Your only earnings are from tips, salaries, wages, scholarships and/or fellowship grants that are taxable, interest, dividends-ordinary, pensions, capital gain, annuities, unemployment, IRA, railroad retirement, social security that is taxable, and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.
  • You only claim taxes from the tax, minimum alternative tax, education credit, Capital Gain and Qualified Dividends Worksheet.
  • Your only credits claimed are child and dependent care, earned income credit, elderly or disabled care, child tax, and retirement contributions.
  • You do not have an exemption on an incentive stock option

Disclaimer for 1040A Form If you have any other tax, penalties, or other documents that the IRS requires and they do not fall into the category listed above you must file a 1040 tax return form.
Documents to Include with 1040A Form

  • W2 wage and earnings statement (mandatory)
  • 1099-R File Form 1099-R, Distribution tax for Retirement, annuities, pensions, PPS (Profit-Sharing Plans), IRAs, Insurance Contracts and 401K payments from life insurance plans under permanent and total disability, Any monies that total more than $10 of Taxable income if applicable.
  • 1040V voucher for payment if income tax is owed
  • Schedule EIC Earned income credit if applicable

Important Note: Do not attach the 1040V to your return this voucher should be placed loosely in the envelope along with your check or money order.

Other documents
Form 8615
Form 1099-R
Form 5498